About Hakkavélin

The space is located in the basement of Reykjavík University (Háskólinn í Reykjavík - See Map, and video). Please note that this is NOT the University of Iceland which is in a different location but also in Reykjavík. Going into the main entrance you enter the large hall known as the Sun. To your left is a bookstore / giftshop and a couple of elevators. In front of the elevators is a flight of stairs going to the basement. On your right hand side going down those stairs is the door where we hang our logo and the makeshift doorbell. If you can figure out how to ring the doorbell, you are granted entry. You may also call the phone numbers posted on our logo, if it is up. It’s best to be in touch with the designated officer to make sure you can get in.

Hakkavélin provides a place for innovators and technologists who are interested in exploring the boundaries of technology, science and arts. Members can work on projects, collaborate, create, develop and learn. Our objective is to act as a society actively engaged in citizen science, educational outreach and startup incubation in order to increase technical knowledge and support innovation within the Reykjavik community.

Encourage scientific exploration through practical projects.
Provide an environment for incubating startups to succede without external venture capital, including mentoring on business development, planning and seminars on accounting and business management for engineers.
Run outreach educational project-based weekends suitable for high school students interested in engineering and science, with an emphasis on providing role models and assistance with student projects.

Projects to date:
3D printer (now available for general projects within the group.)
Magnetic stirrer (for yeast growing).
CNC machine prototype
Rebuilt laptop computers as general linux machines.
Run public seminars on circuit bending, arduino (small real time robotics) circuit building, fractional reserve banking and more.

Who we are
A group of students, and technology industry professionals fascinated by the creative application of science.

We have regular Tuesday meetings at 20:00 where we work on projects and discuss future work and events. 
Tuesday meetings are free and open to all visitors. 
If you want to use the space for your own projects, or help us with interesting projects, feel free to sign up as a member and help us financially, to cover parts and tools. Additionally we have workshops, lectures, seminars, concerts etc. for members as well as general public.

Please refer to The Facebook page for more info on events

Contact: hakkavelin@gmail.com
We also have a Wiki page for information about Projects and activities

Mailing List
IRC Chat

The month to month membership fee is 2000 kr, but the annual membership fee is just 10.000 kr! With the annual membership you also get a membership card, which provides discounts at select locations off food and alcohol. 

The breakdown of membership benefits is as follows: 

  • Non paying members / visitors: Are free to visit the space whenever other members are present, such as during Tuesday meetings or other advertised events, or when other members make it known that they are hanging out at the space (such as using the mailing list, IRC channel or Facebook). Can participate in workshops if there is room, which there usually is. 
  • Monthly member: Pays for one month at a time, 2000 kr. Has chaperoned access to the space at his own discretion, through officers or other members with access cards. To access the space a member can contact the designated officer to schedule access, usually no more than a half hour in advance. Can use the space to work on ongoing projects or their own project, and bring stuff to the space (within reason, as decided by officers). Can obtain a shell account on our cluster server, provided it’s working. Has priority to participate in workshops over non-members. Are eligible for supervised machine shop access, at officer discretion. Can purchase items / components stocked at the space, provided they are in stock. 
  • Yearly member: Pays for one year, 10.000 kr. Membership is valid for the current calendar year, so it’s beneficial to join up early in the calendar year, but we may do discounts for new members that sign up during the second half of a year. In addition to the above: Can obtain access card to the space provided they are available, which is true for now. This allows access to the HR building (main entrance) and into the basement hallway. The space itself is locked with a physical key, if it is locked, with officers in control of the physical keys, so access to the space during off hours has to be coordinated with officers. Obtains a official membership card, which is different from the access card, and doubles as the discount card at selected locations. Can purchase items / components stocked at the space at a discount, provided they are in stock. Can undergo safety training to gain access to the machine shop, following a vetting period as decided by officers. Currently the vetting stage is to show up for 6 out of 8 consecutive Tuesday meetings, and have active participation in ongoing projects and clean up efforts, as well as demonstrating good working knowledge that would translate to the machine shop. Needs to be able to navigate the HR basement enough to take out the trash and find the trolleys which are usually available. 
  • Officer: Pays for one year, 10.000 kr. In addition to the above: Has a physical key to the space, of which only 4 are available, hence there are 4 officers. Is chosen by the board of Hakkavélin or other officers as required. Has responsibilities when it comes to access to the space and clean up. Is assigned a week and is responsible for making sure the space is open to other members that want to use it, as well as setting up the Tuesday meeting that week. Current officers.

Our bank account is: 101-26-100147 and kennitala: 700410-0640

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