Hakkavélin Officers

The Hakkavélin Officers are 

  1. Baldur Jóhannsson
  2. Jason S
  3. Sveinn Svavarsson
  4. Guðmundur Arnar Kristínarson

The Officer Schedule is as follows:

Officer Guide

  • Officers have an access card and a physical key, and have paid the yearly membership fee of 10.000kr. To have an access card and a physical key means you are an officer. 
  • There are 4 physical keys for officers. Hence there are 4 officers.
  • Each officer is assigned one Tuesday of each month, and is responsible for arriving at the space before 20.00 on that Tuesday and open and set up the space. That includes putting up the sign and the doorbell for use.
  • Officers are responsible for remembering their assigned week, and understand their responsibilities.
  • Officers are responsible for creating a Facebook event for their weeks Tuesday meeting, in accordance with the Facebook posting guidelines.
  • The week each officer is assigned, they are also the designated contact for other members that require access at other hours
  • If an officer can’t make it to open the space for their assigned Tuesday meeting or when another member wants access at other hours, they are responsible for delegating that responsibility to another officer that is available.
  • During their week, the officer is responsible for keeping the space organized and clean.
  • Officers can choose to be admins of the Hakkavélin Facebook page, and must follow the Facebook posting guidelines.