Documenting Security Cameras around Reykjavík

Here is a project that anyone can participate in. The goal is to add to the Open Street Map (OSM) the locations of at least 100 security cameras in public, outdoor spaces in the capital region around Reykjavík, especially in the downtown area, before the end of the year 2013.
The project involves a few steps
0: Instructions
To enlist as many agents as possible, it is important that the project not seem overly complicated. We therefore start by assembling instructions on how to add locations to the Open Street Map using different methods. The first fragment of this step is already in place, instructions on how to use the iPhone to add such locations to the OSM:
Please help complete this step by producing similar instructions for your favourite method of adding to the OSM. If you want to publish such instructions as Hakkavélin, like the iPhone instructions above, send an email to
1: Input
The bulk of the project is adding the actual location data to the OSM. It is therefore important that as many people as possible use as many opportunities as possible to do so. The more people that have the opportunity to input, the more inputs will occur.
An OSM account is required, which is covered in the first step of the instructable linked above. Please note that indoor security cameras are not within the scope of this project, and if you choose to add such cameras, please note them as being indoors in the General Notes field.
2: Inspection
The Open Street Map is open and as such there are many different ways of viewing it. To make the project interesting, it is important that people be able to see the progress. So far the best way to do so is to view the security cameras on a version of the map that renders such info. This is one of those, the link will take you to a view of the downtown Reykjavík area:
All suggestions are welcome, and please help contribute!