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The Intelligence Illusion at Hakkavélin

On Friday, June 2nd, 18:00, at Hafnar Haus (in the Wasabi meeting space), join Hakkavélin for a talk on AI and LLMs by Baldur Bjarnason, author of "The Intelligence Illusion" — a book about risks related to generative AI:

Most of the hype is bullshit. AI is already full of grifters, cons, and snake oil salesmen, and it’s only going to get worse.

But, you can’t just say that to your boss. All they’re seeing are the promises. In a credibility contest between you and the CEOs who get prima donna interviews on 60 minutes promoting the greatest invention since the steam engine, the prima donnas will win.

If you want to steer your work away from the bad parts of generative AI, you will need to understand generative AI. If your company is feeling the unrelenting urge to get that AI stock price “bump”, you have to be able to spot the few instances where generative AI would be safe and genuinely useful. More importantly, you have to prevent them from alienating the customers with random AI features nobody asked for, or scuttling customer service with untested chatbots.

The meeting is open to anyone interested. Come one, come all!

Please let us know at hello(at)hakkavelin(dot)is if you'd like to stay in touch or get involved.

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